Mayor Wheeler's "orders" carry about the weight I expected.


Their problems wont strictly be confined to the areas of protest. I've been seeing jacked up trucks with flags and out of state plates or no plates cruising up and down Hawthorne and Belmont all week. There are here and looking for trouble. Safety in numbers folks and always be aware of your surroundings, especially after dark or on side streets.


I’m glad Governor Brown is stepping in since Mayor Wheeler has proved so incompetent. Good luck to us all this weekend.


NOT a rally. it is a Harassment Event.

these dipshits don’t live here. they literally got together and figured out where their political opponents were and grouped up specifically to harass and threaten us.

there is no justification or validity for their behavior. don’t call it a rally. don’t give it validity.


Proud Boys are nothing but voluntarily disenfranchised, helpless trash. All they have left are their dragging knuckles. Bunch of frat boy pussies.


@5 haha. nailed it!

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