Im With Asshole: As expected, a traitor (Trump) pardons another traitor (Michael Flynn).
"I'm With Asshole": As expected, a traitor (Trump) pardons another traitor (Michael Flynn). George Frey / Getty Images

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• We're one week into the "two-week freeze" that Gov. Brown declared for Oregon—but what happens afterward? Brown held a press conference today in which she announced the majority of the state's counties would remain under tight restrictions—though those restrictions will now depend on what level of "risk" the county is experiencing. (Multnomah, for example, is under "extreme risk.") However, restaurants and bars will be able to do outdoor service even in the most restricted counties, while grocery stores will be limited to 50 percent capacity (down from 75 percent). The most hopeful takeaway is that Oregon can expect 30,000 vaccine shots by late December, with priority given to healthcare workers and those in long-term care facilities. There's a lot here, but our Alex Zielinski breaks it all down for you.

• Since yesterday, the OHA is reporting another big number of positive COVID-19 infections (1,189) and 20 additional deaths.

• The constant crush of COVID illnesses are driving some Oregon health care workers to leave their frontline positions due to stress and exhaustion.

• According to new footage released by investigators, Clark County officers fired 34 rounds at Kevin Peterson Jr.—a Black 21-year-old—who was killed during an attempted arrest in which police claim he was armed. These same officers refused to be interviewed until a full week (and in one case almost two weeks) after the killing.

Mayor Wheeler's homeless sweep of Laurelhurst Park was completed yesterday, despite the fact that it was performed a) just as winter begins, b) in the middle of a pandemic/economic disaster, and c) without taking into account why certain people are houseless in the first place. But hey! The residents of this wealthy neighborhood got their way... which is the point, right? (And according to Wheeler, more sweeps are on the way.)

• Now that Portland voters approved a new police oversight system, it's now time for City Council and a new community board to build it. But there's a catch: The city auditor won't allow the previous oversight team to advise the new one due to a potential "conflict of interest." Our Alex Zielinski breaks down the details of this bureaucratic hornet's nest.

• This summer, some 285 imprisoned Oregonians fought the worst wildfires the state has ever seen—but only made about $10 a day for their labor. Now a group of activists have set up a fundraiser to properly compensate these individuals, and our Blair Stenvick explains how you can get involved.


• As expected (but still infuriating), Trump has pardoned fellow criminal Michael Flynn who pleaded guilty TWICE to lying to the FBI. Expect more corruption where this came from.

• Trump phoned into a Pennsylvania state Senate hearing today and incoherently ranted for 10 minutes about (non-existent) election fraud. No one found it believable or interesting in the slightest.

• As predicted months ago, the winter COVID resurgence is in full swing across the nation, with two million new cases added in the past two weeks. Meanwhile yesterday marked the highest daily death toll since May.

• Amid the new COVID surge, unemployment claims rose for the second straight week across the nation to 778,000.

• Sad sports news: Argentina soccer legend Diego Maradona has died at the age of 60 from cardiac arrest.

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• THE WEATHER REPORT: Expect a mostly dry Thanksgiving with a high of 48!

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