Thank you for sharing this story. It's not exactly timely, but it certainly helps further white wash the PPB's coordinated actions in alignment with right-wing terrorists to cause harm to portlanders and their businesses.

It's understandable that not everyone subscribed to our philosophy of "mutual combat" and your faithful work staying quiet about how you, your tabloid, and political and financial allies have benefitted from officers selectively distributing information through your outlet.

Now that we have established your self-interest in maintaining silence about serious police violations, we can use you to distribute whatever narrative that is in our interest and threaten forms of retaliation for stories on unapproved subject matter.

Remember you aren't hired to think or expose anything that might implicate yourself in a matter. Just keep forwarding the language we provide you with to the public and everything will work out fine.

We need to keep playing to the performance of extremes reinforcing imaginary divisions so people will ignore the nuance and not realize that the political violence and intimidation from extreme left and right winger terrorists is being coordinated through Police Intelligence and aided by "useful idiots" in the press. (Not my terminology)

Don't worry, no one can figure out who you're informant is or what's been happening. You are a genius fooling everyone.


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