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Bong Joon-ho accepts the Best Picture award for Parasite.
Bong Joon-ho accepts the Best Picture award for 'Parasite.' Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Good morning, Portland! We're starting off the week with a high of 51 and zero sun—fun? Let's get you caught up on the news you missed over the weekend.

One Nice Thing: Parasite made Oscar history last night as the first foreign language film to win a Best Picture award. (If you haven't seen it yet, GO). But, despite the Academy letting women and people of color read from envelopes, the Oscars were preordained to be painfully white and male.

Back to Work? China returns to work this week after the coronavirus extended the country's Lunar New Year. The deadly virus has now killed 811 people—passing the number killed globally by the SARS epidemic.

Missing: Meanwhile, a journalist named Chen Qiushi covering the coronavirus' spread across China from inside the virus' epicenter, Wuhan, has been missing since Thursday. Members of the public suspect that the government, whose response to the outbreak Qiushi had been critical of, is involved.

Thailand's Deadliest Mass Shooting: A man's 18-hour shooting rampage through a shopping mall in Thailand has left 29 people dead and 58 injured. The shooter, whose attack was allegedly ignited by a "real estate dispute," was eventually killed by law enforcement.

Get It Together, Dems: The Democratic party is casually imploding as it heads into the New Hampshire election Tuesday. With infighting tied to the massive Iowa Caucus failure, DNC leaders and candidates' scuffles may only worsen the Dems' chances of unseating Trump.

Flood Aftershocks: At least one person has died after heavy rains flooded rural towns across Eastern Oregon, forcing dozens into homelessness. Here's how you can help those most effected by the floodwaters.

Jeremy Christian Update: A judge has denied a request to drop and lessen several charges against alleged murderer Jeremy Christian. Today marks the first day of witness testimony called by Christian's defense attorneys. Want to get caught up on the trial thus far? Read our day-by-day summary.

KKK Not Welcome: After a KKK leader backpedaled on a protest downtown, anti-fascists turned their counter-protest into a dance party. The rally ended in arrests after a couple people tagged a memorial (glorifying Oregon's role in fighting against Filipino independence) with anti-KKK and anti-cop phrases.