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You heard the llama!
You heard the llama! blair Stenvick

Good morning, Portland! Did you know there is another debate tonight? And yet I will probably have to wait months for Netflix to drop a second season of The Circle... the injustice!

Anyway, here are the headlines.

Butting Heads: Contract negotiations between the city and the Portland Police Bureau's officer union are just getting started, and already the two sides are disagreeing over the terms of the negotiations. Read Alex Zielinski's reporting on the back-and-forth so far.

Sweet Home Idaho: The Idaho Tourism Board Oregon Senate Republicans are doing their third job walk-out in two years—and once again, it's because the Democrats want to regulate carbon emissions. The whiny little turds distinguished elected officials are effectively making it impossible for the Senate to pass any bills while they're gone.

Progress: A jury found Harvey Weinstein guilty of two sexual assault charges yesterday. Listen to today's excellent episode of The Daily to hear the case broken down by the two women who first reported on his sexual misconduct—and learn how this case could have wide-reaching implications for the types of sexual assault cases that get tried.

Can We Stop Calling This Party Grand Now?

Attacking Abortion: A federal appeals court ruled yesterday that one of Donald Trump's anti-abortion policies can stay in place. The rule prohibits clinics that receive federal funding from referring their patients for abortions. Judges had blocked the rule from taking effect in Oregon, California, and Washington—but the appeals court ruling should supersede those blocks.

2008, But Worse Somehow: Economic experts are worried that there's another devastating mortgage crisis on the horizon, similar to the one we saw 12 years ago. But this time around, the crisis will be caused climbing flood insurance rates—which are themselves caused by climate change.

History Maker: That's Sabrina Ionescu, who plays for the University of Oregon.

Public Harassment: A Portland Parks and Recreation employee is under investigation by both the city and the Portland Police Bureau for his participation in a recent protest at which Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty was harassed. Per the Mercury's previous reporting, this particular employee has made his coworkers of color feel uncomfortable before.

Vegan Food, Anyone?

$5 Cocktails! Enough said, right? Make sure you don't miss 'em!