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Republicans like Ron DeSantis pose the greatest risk to Americans right now.
Republicans like Ron DeSantis pose the greatest risk to Americans right now. Joe Raedle / Getty News

GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! I was chillin' with my Kool-Aid, when Miss Chilli came to relay that you had a thing for me, finest thing you'd ever seen. LET'S GO TO PRESS.

As of yesterday, Oregon had 1,321 positive COVID-19 cases (that we know of), and a total of 44 deaths. Compare that to the rates in Alabama, a state that was slow to put social distancing orders in place and was even with us two weeks ago: They now have more than twice as many cases. SOCIAL DISTANCING WORKS, DON'T LET LYING REPUBLICANS TELL YOU OTHERWISE.

Good news for local renters: Multnomah County's ban on evictions has been increased by three months. Our Alex Zielinski has the details.

Oregon will be injecting an extra $60 million into the food stamp program over the next two months.

A new tracker can help you evaluate whether or not you have COVID-19 and will also let local hospitals know if there's been an uptick of the virus in the area, so they can prepare.

Oregon employs an estimated 74,000 undocumented workers—which is why an immigrant rights group is calling for these people to receive unemployment benefits during the crisis. Alex Zee has more.

The state has recognized a potential 3,244 inmates that are being considered for possible early release due to unsafe conditions in prisons.

To go along with our recent story about how Deaf people are having a particularly tough time navigating the COVID-19 crisis, our Blair Stenvick has attached an an ASL interpretation of this article from a Certified Deaf Interpreter.

The Portland Police Bureau is reporting a substantial uptick in shootings, speeding, and domestic violence calls over the last two weeks.


The number of deaths from COVID-19 across the globe is getting close to 100,000. In America that number has reached more than 16,000—but experts say that figure is deceptively low.

Leading infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci says that an immunity test for COVID may be available soon, with "a relatively large number of tests available" within a week or so.

Republicans are quickly becoming the greatest health danger to the public at large. Here's some proof:

Even though many states are not even close to reaching their peak of coronavirus cases, Trump is already making plans to "reopen" much of the nation next month—which will almost undoubtedly have to be closed again after the infection spreads which could then extend this crisis well into 2021. SO YEAH, GOOD PLAN, DUMMY.

More proof: "Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly (D) sued a Republican-controlled legislative council Thursday after it revoked her executive order that limited church gatherings."

More proof: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is spreading the dangerous lie that not a single person under 25 has died from the coronavirus. That is NOT TRUE. AT ALL.

More proof: "Wisconsin proves it: Republicans will sacrifice voters' health to keep power."

More proof:

More proof: Defying Idaho's stay-at-home orders, Malheur Wildlife Refuge terrorist Ammon Bundy is planning a large Easter gathering this Sunday, and is claiming he actually wants the virus.

Former president Barack Obama offered some advice about how to deal with the virus to America's mayors and local leaders, simply saying "Speak the truth." (HARD SIDE-EYE AT TRUMP.)

Democratic Rep. Pramila Jayapal of Washington state and Republican Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri agree on at least one idea: The federal government should cover workers' salaries during the pandemic.

Trump continues his lying, self-serving disinformation campaign, spreading untruths that the vote-by-mail system (that has been working great in Oregon for years) is corrupt. (But is it as corrupt as he is?)

If you're smoking or vaping cannabis during this crisis, experts are saying you may want to rethink that! (Switch to edibles already.)

Beloved music goddess Rihanna has donated $2.1 million to support domestic violence victims in Los Angeles during the crisis.

ALERT: A new episode of the Netflix hit Tiger King will debut on Sunday, featuring the very funny Joel McHale (Community) along with interviews from cast members.

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