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Following the cruel killing of George Floyd at the hands of the police, protests erupted across the country last night.
Following the cruel killing of George Floyd at the hands of the police, protests erupted across the country last night. Matthew Hatcher / Getty Images

GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! 'Cause my heart starts beating triple time with thoughts of loving you on my mind. I can't figure out just what to do when the cause and cure is you. LET'S GO TO PRESS.

Welcome to GARBAGE FIRE FRIDAY: Check out this screenshot from the New York Times.


Protests flared across the country last night in response to the death of a Black Minneapolis man, George Floyd, who suffocated at the hands of police. Denver's capitol was put on lockdown, crowds in Ohio broke windows of their state capitol, seven people were hit by gunfire at a protest in Louisville, and that's just the start. In Minneapolis, protests continued to rage and a police station was forced to evacuate after the building was set on fire, leading to the National Guard being called in.

As usual the most terrible leader in the world, Donald Trump, made things exponentially worse by announcing on Twitter that protesters are "thugs" and could be shot—causing the social media platform to attach a warning to his tweet that said he was "glorifying violence." Or, you know, THEY COULD JUST BAN HIM FROM THE PLATFORM. It's their dinner party, they can kick out whoever they want.


Sounds about right: "Rep. Tlaib calls Trump a ‘violent white supremacist’ following tweets on Minneapolis unrest."

Even after offering to follow the directions of Minneapolis police, a CNN crew reporting on the protest was arrested and taken into custody. They have since been released.

Two (much milder) protests also happened yesterday in Portland in front of the Multnomah County Justice Center. Two vigils intended to memorialize George Floyd are scheduled for today, and our Alex Zielinski has more.

Portland Deputy Chief Chris Davis condemned the actions of the officers responsible for the death of George Floyd, admitting the PPB also has problems in their relations with communities of color. Get more details from our Alex Zielinski.

In coronavirus news (yep, that's still happening), the nation could be heading into a new and deadly phase of the virus, following the sharp increase in infections and deaths in a dozen states.

Gov. Brown announced yesterday that Washington County has passed the health requirements of the state, and can begin entering into Phase One of reopening starting June 1. Read more from our Blair Stenvick.

After being called out for a lack of transparency, the Oregon Health Authority says it will begin revealing the names of businesses who have outbreaks of the coronavirus.

PHEW! Okay, Jesus Christ, THAT WAS A LOT... let's look at the WEATHER: Enjoy this sunny hot day with a high of 88, because it's going to be a wet, cool weekend.

Oh, and don't miss the return of the Confinement (online) Film Fest tomorrow night, Saturday, May 30 at 6 pm (8 pm if you're watching in Europe)! It's really great and just the thing you need right now, trust me!

And finally, here's the vibe I need today.