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As Crime and Murder Rates Drop in Portland, Mayor Wheeler Pushes a New Narrative

The Rose City reports a recent decline in gun violence and violent crime, amid a nationwide drop in crime. The mayor and public safety leaders say Portland is “on the right track," but vibrant, healthy neighborhoods are key to crime prevention.

Courtney Vaughn


In this week's trivia quiz: local heroics, politicians who have BEEF, and how much do you know about Portland's *unnatural* disasters? 🤔 See how well YOU score!


Activists Disrupt Portland City Council Meeting, Demand Cease-Fire Resolution

Portland City Council’s first in-person meeting since November was disrupted Wednesday morning by activists demanding Portland join other cities—like Atlanta, Detroit, and Providence—in passing a resolution to support an immediate cease-fire in Gaza.

Suzette Smith

Food Cart Kim Jong Grillin's Last Day on Division Is Sunday

Fans of the Kim Jong Grillin hotdog—topped in spicy daikon and kimchi mayo—should make it over to the food cart's SE Division location by Sunday, before it leaves for pods unknown.


Key Hire In City’s New Management Team Announced, to the Surprise of City Leaders

Gonzalez says he's the first to appoint a deputy city administrator to the city's forthcoming leadership team. He called it a "major milestone" in unifying the city's public safety bureaus. The mayor's office says the announcement was premature.

Courtney Vaughn


In this week's music column: WRK! Is a Portland supergroup to watch, Wynne's "Wife" video teases her next move, and OMG it's Sleater-Kinney ahhhhhhh!


“Portland Cannot Wait”: City Council Will Refer Gas Tax Renewal to the May Ballot

Portland's 10-cent per gallon gas tax, which funds crucial street maintenance and safety work, will be back on the ballot this May for voters to renew. Local transportation leaders don’t think the tax is perfect—but it's necessary for this moment.



This week: Ron DeSantis (and his clown shoes), Hollywood is running out of gowns, and stop eating movie theater salads!


Ticket Alert

Indie rock angel Mitski returns to Portland this fall,  emo rockers Sunny Day Real Estate visit this summer, and say “see ya l8er” to Avril Lavigne as she heads out on her Greatest Hits tour this spring. Here's where to snag those tix!



She's wondering what she did to get dumped... but first? Let's talk about America's favorite subject: Polyamory. 😃

Joe Newton

Covered and Heated Patios Perfect for Cold, Rainy Weather in Portland

If you've got cabin fever from being cooped up in your home for too long, but the weather isn't exactly conducive to dining al fresco, take refuge in one of the many cozy covered and heated patios dotting the city. We've rounded up this list of spots where you can warm up this fall and winter.

Hinterland Bar and Food Carts

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