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Mayor Wheeler’s Office Pledges to Support, Sustain Portland Street Response

As uncertainty hangs over Portland Street Response, the public has a plea for city hall: Fund, expand, and stabilize the program. Last week, a Community Safety Division leader affirmed the city's intent to support the popular alternative response team.

Courtney Vaughn


Think you're sporty? Let's see how well YOU score on this week's verrrrry sporty POP QUIZ PDX, featuring quizzy trivia Qs about sporty women, sporty animals, and even Sporty Spice! 🇬🇧 🧠🤔


Asylum Seekers in Portland Could Face Homelessness While They Await a Government Decision

As more Venezuelans arrive in Oregon seeking asylum, many end up in temporary family shelters. For others, community organizations have stepped in to fund lodging, but now, those options are ending, leaving families facing life on the streets.


The Number of Pacific Northwest Residents Who Support Secession Is Growing

Polls show an increasing number of people in the Pacific Northwest who support secession. Does that make the new movie "Civil War" a real possibility? Probably not, and here's why....


Food Month Sobrang Sarap, or "Very Delicious," Celebrates Portland-Area Filipino Chefs

Sobrang Sarap, a food tour / food month organized by three Filipina locals, may finally help Portlanders accept the truth: We are completely obsessed with Filipino cuisine.


Portland is Updating its Tree Management Plan, Last Edited in 2004

Portland's trees are vital to its character and ability to adapt to a changing climate. But they face new threats. By updating the Urban Forest Management Plan—the first edit in 20 years—leaders hope to maintain Portland's tree canopy for years to come.

Taylor Griggs


Ready for your dose of trashy gossip? This week: Giuliani's hilarious "nightmare world," no one likes Tim Allen, and let's geek out on Beyoncé's new album! 🤠


Get Ready, Tummy... the Mercury's PIZZA WEEK Starts Monday, April 15! 🍕😍

PIZZA LOVERS REJOICE! 😍 The Mercury's annual (and delicious!) PIZZA WEEK is heading your way starting April 15 with $3 slices from more than 50 (!!) local pizza geniuses! Omilord, take a peek at those pies! 🍕

Assembly Brewing

Man Stabbed to Death on MAX Train Was Commuting Home From Work

A man was fatally stabbed after boarding an eastbound MAX train downtown. The 51-year-old suspect said he heard voices and thought the victim was trying to kill him. He hadn't taken medication for a diagnosed mental health condition in months.


Chastity Belt’s New Album Live Laugh Love Is Tongue-In-Cheek and Totally Serious

The songs on Chastity Belt's Live Laugh Love are honest confessions about frustrated aimlessness, loneliness, and finding purpose and beauty with the people you love, but delivered with their trademark sense of humor.


Ticket Alert

Twenty One Pilots, The Black Keys, and $uicideboy$ are swinging through Portland... and if you're going, better snap up those tix with a little help from our weekly TICKET ALERT! 

Ashley Osborn


How to make a "throuple," defining undefinable relationships, tempting your workaholic lover, and many more quickie Q & As in this edition of Savage Love "Quickies"!

Joe Newton

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