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County Commissioner Candidate Saw More Than $40K Funneled to Her Husband by a Board She Oversees

Multnomah County Commissioner candidate Jessie Burke's vision and methods for Old Town’s rebirth have raised eyebrows. Meanwhile, the board she oversees has been accused of being hostile toward homeless service organizations.

Suzette Smith


Calling all brainiacs: 🤓 It's time for another super fun edition of POP QUIZ PDX! This week's trivia game includes sassy-ass Qs about VOLCANOES! STRANGE LIGHTS IN THE SKY! (And Jill Biden?) JILL BIDEN! See how well you score! 🤔


What Multnomah County Voters Could Learn From Others Who Ousted Progressive DAs

Fears over crime and safety can fuel election outcomes, but in cities like San Francisco and Philadelphia, where progressive DAs were ousted in favor of "tough on crime" prosecutors, research shows little evidence that DAs impacted crime rates.


As Maxine Dexter Touts Progressive Values, Conservative Donors are Flooding Her Campaign Coffers

With the election to determine who will take over Oregon's 3rd House District just days away, will Maxine Dexter's flood of opaque donations impact the race?


Portland Transportation and Climate Groups Sue Over I-5 Expansion Plan

Five Portland groups are suing the state's transportation department to stop its $1.9 billion plan to expand I-5 through central Portland, alleging the project is out of step with local climate and growth plans—despite the state's effort to say otherwise.


Mercury Music Picks

Seattle hardcore band Blood Brothers reunite for US tour, Pickathon delivers second 2024 lineup, Babehoven headlines Polaris Hall, and more music news and picks!

Popular Music From Parenthetical Girls

You may remember Zac Pennington from defunct Portland band Parenthetical Girls. With their new group, Popular Music, Pennington and Prudence Rees-Lee's recorded Minor Works which includes a 17-piece Russian chamber orchestra that was recorded via Zoom.



Calling all trash pandas! 🦝 Line up for your weekly spoonful of garbage-y gossip with THE TRASH REPORT. This week: Jill Biden does Lake O, the latest inbred dog news, and Kelly Ripa is doing nothing but ruining everyone's day.


Laughing Matter

This interview with the fascinating Laraaji might be the best thing you read today. Just some of the topics discussed: Frog puppets, laughter as medicine, being investigated by butterflies, and making music with plants.

Lindsay Costello

Theater Review: Hand2Mouth's Spring Show Speaks With the Living, the Dead, and Death

Spoiler alert: Everybody dies at the end of Hand2Mouth's Memento Mori. But they also die at the beginning and middle, onstage and offstage, in anticipation and in memory. That’s the point.

John Rudoff


"I've never been able to orgasm, and my current sexual relationship stinks. So why should I continue trying?" Dan Savage and a guest expert ride to the rescue with some solid advice in this week's SAVAGE LOVE!

Joe Newton

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