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City Will Spend an Estimated $1.1 Million on Munitions, Shields, and Training For Police

Portland will spend $1.1 million on new munitions, shields, and training for crowd control cops. The police bureau says many of the weapons in its stockpile will expire next year. The move has reignited discussions about how police manage protests.

Courtney Vaughn


Time to show off how smart you are with this week's super fun POP QUIZ PDX! 🤓This trivia quiz includes sassy Qs about local celebs (and their dolls), Blazer legend Bill Walton, and SLOTHS. 🦥 (Don't answer too quickly!)


Ten Years of Food Reviews (and One Apology)

Food critic Andrea Damewood looks back on a decade of writing about Portland's food scene. "Many places I reviewed as a newbie haven’t made it. But several are still open, going strong, and better than ever.. including one I WAS WRONG ABOUT!"


Proposed Ballot Measure to Repeal Police Oversight Board Can Now Start Gathering Signatures, Judge Says

A ballot initiative from Portland's police union would thwart a police oversight measure voters approved in 2020. After a legal challenge, a judge now says the union can start gathering signatures, but time is running out to qualify for November's ballot.

Suzette Smith

Portland Playwright Mikki Gillette Imagines Warhol Superstars Behind the Scenes

Mikki Gillette's new play Blonde on a Bum Trip is a robust work of pop art history, authentically delusional comedy, and tender realism. But do yourself a favor and read the wiki before you see it.


The Week In Portland Food News

Food-wise, there's plenty to be excited about, from a convenient new Thai option to news of Naomi Pomeroy's frozen custard shop. Plus, discover where to find mango sticky rice sundaes and strawberry Pocky macarons.

Cornet Custard

Get Ready! The Mercury's HIGHBALL WEEK Starts Monday, June 3! 🍹

Here comes the most thirst-quenching week of the year: The Mercury's delicious HIGHBALL WEEK—featuring inventive $8 cocktails from 29 of Portland's best bartenders—starts TOMORROW, Monday, June 3! 


"My sex pal won't stop mishandling our lube." Can Dan help this person navigate their slippery situation? Let's find out in this week's edition of SAVAGE LOVE!

Joe Newton

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