Remember yesterday when I introduced you to the most terrible teen in the world, rapper T. Mills? Here are some more interesting facts about this enigmatic young enfant terrible!

1) He's actually 22! (At least that's what his fake ID says.)
2) His middle name is Tatum. (Adorable.)
3) He also has a song called, "Fuck an Umbrella." (On that we agree. FUCK AN UMBRELLA!!)
4) Best of all, HE'S PLAYING IN PORTLAND TOMORROW NIGHT! Check out T. Mills tomorrow at the Hawthorne Theater with Goldenwest, So Good, and Elle MC, 7 pm, all ages, $10. (Wait... Only $10 to see the most terrible "teen" in the world? I'd pay twice that to see the most terrible billy goat.)

Wait... thats Biebers move. HES STEALING BIEBERS MOVE!!
  • "Wait... that's Bieber's move. HE'S STEALING BIEBER'S MOVE!!"