Seriously, two-thirds of you just... don't worry that much about climate change? That's insane. It's like, the second con on my "SHOULD I HAVE A BABY" pros and cons list. (The first con is "don't really like babies.")

Anyway, Zadie Smith has a lovely piece in in the New York Review of Books about what people have to lose—on a personal, nostalgic level—before they really start to care about climate change:

It was easy to assume, for example, that we would always be able to easily find a hedgehog in some corner of a London garden, pick it up in cupped hands, and unfurl it for our children—or go on a picnic and watch fat bumblebees crawling over the mouth of an open jam jar. Every country has its own version of this local sadness.

It's great! And kinda sad. Go read it.

Via arts journalist Suzi Steffen, who—hey!—wrote a great piece for Agenda about the Oregon Shakespeare fest.