I met this woman who was very nice, hot, and who was kind enough to invite me back to her studio apartment. She was a bit on the gothy side, which is no insult, as I try to be a non-judgmental person, but it does play into the story. Since it was a studio, she didn't have a couch, so we ended up sitting on her bed watching TV. We kissed and as the kissing got hotter, off went our clothes. There was a lot of foreplay going on, and she asked me to lie on my stomach. I wasn't sure what was next, but at this point I was just about up for anything so I obliged. A few moments passed and I heard her come back into the room, and something long and hard was placed on my back. Was it the biggest dildo in the world? No, because when it started moving (or rather slithering) I knew it was something quite different. It was her four foot long boa constrictor that she'd brought into bed with us. Important point: I cannot stand snakes, and while I didn't lose my mind, I demanded that she get her snake out of the bed immediately. She complied, and while ordinarily I would have angrily chastised her for springing a snake on me unannounced... as I said, she was hot. So we had sex anyway, which was nice. But I still never saw her again.