Met a guy on okcupid, and while not the type of guy I usually date he seemed fun. We hit it off and started seeing each other. About 2 weeks in, after we had slept together, he told me he lied about his age, he's actually 11 years older than me not 6, and he likes open relationships. Both things are deal breakers, and I should have ended it on the spot, but he could be very endearing. I chose to give it a shot despite a pretty major breach in trust, and he offered to try out monogamy.

Almost immediately his super crappy car broke down and he had no money to get a new one. He was always to optimistic to plan for reality. However, at the time I was okay with it because at least I wasn't going to have to ride around in the heap any more. For the next 7 months I drove everywhere, including plenty of trips to check out cars he couldn't afford. Things started to be less fun, we couldn't bike places like we originally had because he was tired from biking to work, he flaked any time there was going to be more booze than there was at my house, and I only got invited to the lamer outings. I stuck around, sometimes he was very thoughtful, and I thought some consistency might help him eventually. Then the day before New Years I found out he was planning a trip out of town by himself and he hadn't intended on telling me. That was my last straw.
Post New Year's, instead of apologizing he said that I should get over it and we should be friends. We are not friends.