I have seen this guy off and on for 3.5 years. When we were initially dating it was amazing and I thought I had found my person. Not too long in he got freaked out, seems to be a thing for new divorcees. He ghosted. Then later came back. Over the years this became a pattern, and I took him back because he was really hot and the sex was amazing. Lately, however the pattern has changed. He stops talking to me when I haven't picked up on something he wants. Like instead of asking me if I would like to date exclusively, he instead looks to see if I'm still on okcupid. When I am, because we aren't dating as far as I know, he ghosts. Only now I think that what's really happening is that he's having a temper tantrum and can't handle talking to me. If it wasn't so sad, these mantrums would be hilarious.