When I walked into your apartment, I could see your daughter eating her dinner at a little kid's table. I was shocked that she was there, because I was a stranger to you. Hey, I know that I'm a nice guy... but YOU don't know that. I knew you had a kid, but I thought that if we were to meet up, she'd be at a babysitter's or something.

The first red flag was when you invited me to your apartment for our first date. It's not my job to run your life (or anybody's for that matter), but I did find it super odd that you gave me your address. I show up, knock on your door and bam! Kid right there eating dinner. After about 10-15 minutes, you tell her to say goodnight to me, leave for a few to put her to bed and then come back. During your absence, I noted that you liked leopard prints, because not only did you have a 2 ft statue of a leopard, but you had pillows and curtains all in leopard print. You also had a picture of a unicorn flying over a lake with a rainbow streak behind it... and this was not for ironic purposes.

We had some wine, you put KGON on the radio (another red flag) and attempted to snuggle up next to me. As I sat there surrounded by faux leopard hide, drinking bad wine while Free Bird played on the radio, I felt like someone slipped me LCD or something, everything was so surreal.

I left after about an hour, never to return...