Nazi in space....
Nazi in space.... NASA

Now that we are talking about neo-Nazis, I want to bring up the most important and darkest passage in W.G. Sebald's only literary masterpiece, The Rings of Saturn. It concerns a Nazi officer who not only documented World War II atrocities authorized by German intelligence, but also approved the use of anti-Semitic propaganda in Russia.

This man, not named in Sebald's book, is Kurt Waldheim, an Austrian who joined the Nazi Party three years before the war, fought for two years, studied law near end of the war, and began his career as a diplomat right after it ended. In 1968, Waldheim became Foreign Minister of Austria. In 1972, he became the fourth Secretary-General of the United Nations. In 1976, he recorded greetings on the Voyager Golden Record....

Sebald writes:

[R]eportedly it was in this last capacity [Secretary-General of the United Nations] that he spoke onto tape, for the benefit of any extra-terrestrials that may happen to share our universe, words of greeting that are now…approaching the outer limits of our solar system aboard the space probe Voyager II.
These greetings from a Nazi are now at the edge of the heliosheath (a stunning 10 billion miles from Earth). This is the point where the solar wind meets and forms a final layer with interstellar gas. The space craft is heading to Sirius, the nearest star. Maybe aliens will spot the probe, capture it, open it, and hear a white supremacist introduce the whole human race.