As the days wistfully slip away from us, and a nacho cheese Dorito-dusted shadow begins to loom over 2017, we at the Mercury want to remind you not to lose hope. There are tons of ways to stand up, monetarily, or physically to the incoming racist, sexist, idiot of a president.

A Donald Trump protest on November 9.
A Donald Trump protest on November 9. DOUG BROWN

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Here's one thing you can do: activists in Portland are holding a demonstration in solidarity with the Women's March on Washington which will take place the day after Trump's inauguration.

According to the Women's March on Portland Facebook page:

This is an INCLUSIVE GROUP/EVENT, and EVERYONE who supports women's rights are welcome:
- People of All Gender Identities
- People of Color
- Immigrants
- LGBTQI Community
- Disabled Individuals
- ALL religious communities
- Anyone who wants to peacefully march in support of human rights!

We are an open event promoting solidarity and peacefullness. Our march is not a protest, but a show of love and support in a time of uncertianty in our country.

You can march with the 21K people who have confirmed they are attending on Facebook, the additional 31K that have expressed interest, and the more than 100,000 people that will likely be marching in Washington.

The march will begin at noon on January 21, 2017 and details of the location of the meet up and the route are still forthcoming. Stay tuned to the Mercury and the group's Facebook for the official details.