Are you in love? In lust? In a complicated situationship that started because of a drunken and convenient New Year's Eve kiss, but now you're ready to take things to the next level by publicly declaring your adoration in the permanency of the worldwide web?

Good news, the Mercury's reader Valentines are back, and they're in print and online!

That's right, we've been collecting all of your 150 character love notes which can be seen in print (at more than 500 locations citywide) and online here!

And while you may have missed our print deadline, DO NOT FRET! You can still submit your valentine here which will run online in time for Valentine's day! BUT HURRY, the big day is tomorrow!

πŸ’˜ So what are you waiting for? Declare your love in the Mercury now! πŸ’˜

(And while you're expressing your love, if you don't mind, can you help support the Mercury by making a $5 contribution so we can keep bringing you lots of news, events, and fun? No pressure, of course. But you DO love us, right?)

*Disclaimer: One per customer, please. Duplicates, mean-spirited valentines, and nonsensical gibberish will be rejected. No last names, please. All acceptable valentines received will appear online. ☹️ Emojis will not be printed ☹️.