Portland, you are an EXTREMELY sexy town! And if you doubt that indisputable fact, then you should check out the Mercury's 2023 SEX SURVEY RESULTS! In our survey, more than 2,000 Portlanders weighed in on all the filthy, amazing, and intimate intricacies of their sex lives... including:

Masturbation! Monogamy! Sex Toys! Number of sexual play pals! Kinks and/or fetishes! Favorite public sex spots! Sex at work! Porn preferences! Orgies vs. threesomes! Current sexual satisfaction! A hilarious game of "Fuck/Marry/Kill"! And ohhhhhhhhh... SO MUCH MORE!

You can read our quick, fun 'n' sassy overview of all of the sex survey highlights HERE (for those short on time), OR for you data-driven nerds who want to know EVERYTHING, you can see all the results of the Mercury's 2023 Sex Survey results HERE!

Don't miss the sexy fun of the Mercury's SEX SURVEY RESULTS—because the more you know, the sexier your life will be!