A gay man is simultaneously weirded out and turned on by using the word “daddy” with his boyfriend. Should he stop immediately? 

A woman’s husband cheated on her and it breaks her heart. She can’t divorce him because she would get deported. How can she stay married and stay sane for the next three years when she can become a legal citizen? 

On the Magnum, we take a deep dive into the freaky, freaky world of the animal kingdom with zoologist and best-selling author Lucy Cooke. Her book “Bitch: On the Female of the Species” offers plenty of Lovecast fodder. She and Dan discuss the blurry, complicated connection between sex & gender, how science is riddled with cultural bias, and a ton of animal fun facts. (Some of you sub fellas are going to want to be reincarnated as an angler fish.) 

And, a woman new to her very small town just ended a two-month relationship. Her ex’s best friend swooped in and invited her to join him in a threesome. She wants to! The couple is hot! But would this make her a bad ex? Would it make the guy a terrible friend?