photos by Arthur Bradford

Every NBA city thinks they have the best fans—but Portland actually does. Anyone who’s seen a game at the Moda Center knows how fun the unified chaos can be. There’s a tribal awesomeness to our red-and-black-clad crowd that can’t be beat. Behold the many sartorial options available to this rabid fanbase.

Hipster cool: You don’t need to sacrifice your rock ’n’ roll cred to look like a real Blazer fan.

Family friendly: Kids and adults alike look great showing their Blazer pride. Jean jackets and hats always work, too.

Scarves are sweet!

This dude in the gorilla mask is at every game.

Even demonic children and their overlords enjoy the Blazers.

Homemade gear is the best. Check out the sweet jacket that artist Carson Ellis made for her rocker/writer hubby Colin Meloy.

The great thing about Blazer colors is you can just throw on a lumberjack shirt and call it done. It also helps to have an award-winning beard.

We’re Blazin’!

Twins in matching outfits get extra points, obviously.