My, what a sustainable logo!

Soon, Facebookers will find their Farmville or Words With Friends relays up against a new competitor: Energy Consumption App! Okay, so it doesn't have a name yet, but I'm sure it'll be catchier. Facebook, in collaboration with energy resources Opower and NRDC, will launch a new application allowing friends to compete over their energy consumption. The less energy consumed around the house, the higher score.

First off, let's acknowledge the glaring irony here. Facebook usage = energy consumption. The true champion of this challenge wouldn't even use the Internet.

Then again, Facebook is everything (or close) to millions of people, making it the ideal platform for any message to go viral. If it takes a Facebook app to nudge energy devourers in the right direction, then more power to it. Or less power, energy-wise.

Think this will catch on, or is it a mere attempt for Facebook to jump on a popular trend?