Your intergalactic ambassador representing Earth, Tom Delonge!
Your intergalactic ambassador representing Earth, Tom Delonge! JOHN SCIULLI VIA GETTY IMAGES

ICYMI: Bombshell articles in New York Times and Politico over the weekend detailed a top-secret government UFO program which ran from 2007-2012 (and may still be in operation under the radar). The “Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program” investigated credible reports from Navy pilots who saw unidentified flying objects that seemed to defy the laws of physics.

So, basically, barring the possibility that it's some secret Russian or Chinese technology we don’t know about yet, there’s probably (very) intelligent life out there, somewhere, in the universe.

And because nothing is normal anymore, former Blink-182 lead singer Tom DeLonge is going to find it for us.

The cherub-faced '90s-famed skate-punker and alt-rocker is actually a huge UFO aficionado, and just founded the To the Stars Academy of Arts & Science, a commercial company dedicated to researching UFOs, revolutionizing human space travel, combating climate change, improving national security, enhancing genetics, harnessing telepathy, and more, free from “the restrictions of government priorities.”

But before you go thinking this is just some scam to meet Princess Leia, know that the To the Stars Academy of Arts & Science has already attracted a small galaxy of top-notch UFO talent, including Chris Mellon, a former Democratic staff director for the Senate Intelligence Committee; former high-level CIA officials; and Luis Elizondo, former director of the Pentagon's “Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program” who quit in October due to "excessive secrecy and internal opposition." (He's now the Director of Global Security at DeLonge’s company.)

And their research actually seems pretty legit: the company released this mind-blowing video from the Department of Defense of two pilots spotting a strange UFO in 2014, around when the Times and Politico published their reports:

So far, the To the Stars Academy of Arts & Science has raised over $2.1 million via more than 2,200 investors, and is currently running a crowdfunding “public benefit” campaign, because DeLonge believes that aliens are for everybody:

What we're trying to do is make sure the story of the millennia and the technology of the millennia are owned by the people from day one. Part of our strategy has always been to throw it all out in the open so people can't come and try to shut it down from some weird office at NATO or the United Nations or the United States or whatever.

Despite the fact that this incendiary language may push Delonge into being considered a real enema enemy of the state (had to), he promises that proving UFOs are real is only the beginning: “there’s a lot more shit coming,” he said in an interview with the Daily News yesterday.

Brah, this is gonna be more lit than the Warped Tour. Get ready, dude!