Hi, it’s Joneser again. I spent last night enjoying adult beverages and watching television. I think I got so excited about the shows that I drank too much. No guarantees on the accuracy of this post. But here we go!


This show is always such a fucking wild card. Like, why not base an episode around a big gay rave and getting kidnapped by John Goodman? Fuckin’ a. Black Hitler. Sure.

Pierce has become a hero to gays because he makes wipes (go with it). Pierce is a really despicable guy, and the internet tells me that Chevy Chase is as well, so his story arcs are always a little pshaw to me, but last night’s was funny because the Hawthornes are racist and racism is hilarious! Wait. No. But yes. How does this show do this? I want their drugs.

Troy gets kidnapped by John Goodman and is forced to decide between a life of plumbing or air conditioning repair. (I wrote GAME OF THRONES! in my notes, which made sense at the time.) Fact #1: Troy and Abed’s friendship is the best male friendship on tv these days. Fact #2: the funniest thing on the show this season is Inspector Spacetime. Lulz abound. There isn’t much more to go over because this show is pretty silly.

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Parks and Recreation

As I mentioned last week, I have been wanting more Ben and Leslie, and boy, we got it. Last night, Leslie, Ron, Chris and Ben were dealing with a weird cult who thought the world was about to end. That reporter who also tried to mack on Brandanowitz was there and she fucking tried to mack on Ben Wyatt! She perfectly encapsulates every girl who dated somebody I liked between 1999 and 2008. Why is her hair so shiny?? She probably doesn’t even have to count calories. I know exactly how Leslie felt while she watched them flirt and, holy shit, feelings.

Meanwhile, Tom and Jean-Ralphio are throwing their last 10k into having the best party ever before Entertainment 720 shuts down forever. Aside from their matching ascots, the party looked a little weak, don't you think? But Tom’s ex Lucy showed up, and Tom might be an asshole, but whoever doesn’t root for him to figure shit out is definitely a bigger asshole. I think his character is about to go through some interesting stuff, but what??

And in ANOTHER subplot — Andy and April are bored with their lives so they work through Andy’s bucket list, which includes such important life tasks as making an awesome grilled cheese sandwich (a.k.a. most nights of my life) and being an action hero. Did anybody else get the sense that April might be a little annoyed by Andy? I bet they’ll have a marital blow-out by the end of this season.

Anyhoo, all of this relationship stuff was backed by a sensitive-sounding slow song, and the feelings came on very strong. I am going to blame the alcohol for making me tear up. I just want Leslie and Ben to be together. Why can’t they be together? When will they stop torturing us and reminding me of my own relationship experiences that made me sad? Sigh. I love this show.

The Office

I’m not so into this show anymore and didn’t watch all of it last night, but they started with the song "Closing Time," which is just about the most awesome 90s song ever, so 10 points.


You watch this? Stop. You suck.