"Hotel California" made me laugh. Thanks, Steve.

For me, the creepiest scene was the ginger twins smashing up the car and then turning to face Ben. Did they smash up the car just because they enjoy smashing things up, or do the twins want the babies, too, maybe one for each of them? Chad's intention to kill the babies when they got to the perfect age to be cute forever was plenty creepy, too.

Was Constance lying when she said the first baby was still-born (almost certainly true), or is there now a ghost baby trapped in the house, crying and shitting for all eternity? That would completely destroy the resale value of the place.

Now that Vivien is dead, is she going to be as horny as the rest of the ghosts there? If so, which other ghost is she going to hook up with first? I'm betting on the exterminator who died last week, because he has a job. Women always go for guys who have jobs. Or maybe she'll just stick to the living and boink Luke (who also has a job) next time he comes by.

The chain-smoking psychic could telepathically communicate with Violet! Cool! Too bad she sold Violet a line of pure bullshit with the story about the Roanoke ghost colony. She may have genuine psychic abilities, but she's still a liar.

There's only one more episode left, ABOUT WHICH I AM NOT HAPPY AT ALL.
I think creepo twins were busting up Ben's car so they'd have no way of getting to the hospital (not sure who disconnected the phones... is there a dead AT&T rep in the house?).

OOH! And maybe someone will kill off hot black security guy so Viv can finally get the hook up she's been dreaming of!
I knew the ginger twins smashed up the car to keep Viv from getting away, but why did they do it (beyond their fondness for the smashy-smashy, established in the very first scene of the series)? Do they -- along with every other ghost there -- want the babies for their own? Or are they in league with another ghost? IS IT A CONSPIRACY?

Tate proved that the dead can boink the living, so the writers don't need to kill of Luke for him to hook up with Viv, but they probably will. The writers seem to enjoy killing off everyone on the show.

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