I like Star Trek. Maybe you don't. Maybe you can also go to hell.

Anyway, a long time ago, I posted this nitpicky rant, ripping into some hapless asshole's disturbingly poor understanding of the franchise and its VERY IMPORTANT minutiae. I struck a blow for justice and decency and nerds, etc. I was a champion, a hero, even. Then, this weekend, I posted the following video:

Notice anything GLARINGLY wrong? I didn't. Erik Henriksen, of course, did. Check this out:


OH, HOW THE MIGHTY HAVE FALLEN! I HAVE BEEN SHAMED! I AM UNWORTHY! Because that screenshot clearly shows the engineering lab from the Galaxy-class Enterprise-D, a ship what wasn't invented, or even built, until decades after Starfleet largely stopped using the Constitution-class Enterprise shown in the commercial's establishing shots. And I let that pass unremarked upon.

But that wasn't my only sin. Hit the jump for further evidence of my failure.


Right about then, deep in the throes of humiliation, I was ready to make like a Vorta who, you know, failed to serve the Founders. I implored Erik to write a post savaging me, and he agreed. But then? Salvation.


How we deal with death is at least as important as how we deal with life, wouldn't you say?