Alex Z. and I are at the 101st annual Pendleton Round-Up, the historic rodeo that feels like Oregon's Mardi Grad. The small town is overrun with tight-Wranglered cowboys and friendly strangers who will give you and five friends lift to the bar in the back of their pickup truck.

After pulling in last night, I haven't actually made it to the rodeo itself yet—the finals are today. But there's already been plenty to see. Here are some things that made me laugh.

1. The Eagles Club, where you can get a drink with grandmas who talk a blue streak and purchase this pin:


2. The Dalles, where the road signs read, "West The Dalles" and "East The Dalles."

3. "You better get frisky or get nice." — Which is what a new friend said to me at the Rainbow Room when I got too argumentative.

4. A bar named Crabby's.