Wow! Jon Richardson

Owen Wilson and Andrew Wilson visited the Portland Art Museum YESTERDAY. Sorry, Portland, we missed'm.

"It was a surprise visit!" Ian Gillingham, the PAM's Press and Publications Manager said via e-mail. "They were visiting the The Shape of Speed during the PAM's press preview." (UGH, I WAS INVITED TO THAT. I wish I cared about cars, even a little bit.)

In the photo above, the Wilson brothers "can be seen with PAM director Brian Ferriso, passing by the 1938 Tatra T77a," Gillingham continued. Presumably that's a car. I like how it looks like a cute loaf of bread.

The Shape of Speed: Streamlined Automobiles and Motorcycles, 1930โ€“1942, focuses on the inherent beauty of pre-World War II aerodynamic design and features nineteen, "rare streamlined automobiles and motorcycles." It opens to the public this Saturday, if that's your thing.

On the PAM's instagram the cars actually do look pretty cool. I also like the trash-talking the show's press release does on "the decades following World War IIโ€”when advanced aircraft and rocket designs propelled carmakers toward fanciful and impractical designs."

Returning to what's really important here, Owen Wilson, I want to thank everyone in those Instagram comments for predictably filling them up with "Wows." I'm a sucker for run-on gags, and it made my day to see everyone contributing to keep the joke going. You're darling as hell, Portland.

You folks are precious.
You folks are precious.

Also, because I'm not sure when I'll ever have another chance to post this, here's an Owen Wilson Supercut, everyone: