Look, not every big, burly bald guy who drives a huge truck and lives in Vancouver, WA is an asshole. (Psst! But can we assume that 95 percent of them are?) Here's another example of one of Vancouver's finest and his interaction with a Portland shop employee from the I, Anonymous Blog that's aptly titled, "I'm from Vancouver!"

You're an early-50s, huge, burly bald guy. You came to my store today to sell items you admit to have "stolen." You park your behemoth black pickup and trailer on the street right in front of the parking garage entrance to the apartment building across the street, with your engine running. I politely suggested you park by our loading bay instead, since cars go in and out of the garage pretty regularly. You immediately started yelling, "I'm from Vancouver! I don't give a fuck about Portland's fucking parking laws! I park where I want, when I want!"

So far this guy is right on brand... but believe me when I say "the interaction gets WORSE." Read the whole thing here, and if you have a confession, rant, or example of a Vancouver truck driver being polite, for god's sake drop it off in the I, Anonymous Blog, because their reputation is terrible!