ELLMYER: Mercury! I am your father!
  • ELLMYER: Mercury! I am your father!

Former senate candidate and exhausting rabble-rouser Richard Ellmyer nipped at the heels of Portland's media over the controversy surrounding a recent electoral endorsement in his most recent posting on the Portland Sentinel, after calling the Mercury "poisonous" in a previous post:
Quite unbelievably, Bob Caldwell, the editorial page editor of the Oregonian's opinion page, defended a newly established journalistic standard for endorsing candidates for public office which makes the Portland Mercury's technique look downright savory. The Oregonian will now endorse candidates for public office without requiring them to disclose any public policy positions they may hold or even being a registered, qualified, official candidate for the office related to the Oregonian endorsement.

The Oregonian has joined the Portland Mercury in throughly trashing the idea that there is any reason for any candidate to pay obeisance to the so-called, now passé, "candidate public policy interview."

See that? We're "downright savory." Like a truffle!