Hes the one here who is NOT John Wooden.
  • He's the one here who is NOT John Wooden.

BlazersEdge is reporting that the Portland Trail Blazers will announce Rich Cho as the team's new General Manager. Currently the assistant GM for the Oklahoma City Thunder, Cho is widely seen as being on the forefront of young front office executives, a former intern for the Seattle Supersonics that worked his way up with the franchise and followed the team to Oklahoma City.

He has the least experience of the three candidates for the job—former Cleveland GM Danny Ferry and former Miami GM Randy Pfund being the other two—but less baggage as well. There isn't a lot of information on Cho available online—like most assistant GMs, he doesn't do a lot of interviews (that's about to change), but you can read what Sports Illustrated said about Cho:

Assistant GM Rich Cho, the Swiss army knife of the Thunder's front office. Cho is a lawyer and capologist who also knows a player when he sees one. "He's so smart with numbers and negotiations and the cap," said Hawks GM Rick Sund, who worked with Cho with the old Sonics in Seattle, "and he's an attorney and he's brilliant in finance and he's a good people person."

The official announcement should come later today. Good luck, Cho. Hopefully your time in the Rose Garden front office ends better than that of your predecessor.