That's right! I'm simply squirting with generosity today, because this week I'm giving away TWO PAIRS of tickets to HUMP!'s midnight shows! As a gentle reminder, HUMP! is the northwest's premiere amateur porn festival where YOUR friends and neighbors make their own homemade smut films and YOU get to watch them "do it!" (And by "do it" you know I mean "sex," right?)

BUT GUYS, SERIOUSLY. At this moment, HUMP! 2011 is already 75% sold out! So unless you're feeling incredibly lucky, you should move your sweet ass over to the HUMP! site and get your tickets NOW (and by "NOW" I mean "PRONTO!")!

Anyway, let's give away the TWO pairs of tickets, shall we? That's one pair of tickets to the HUMP! Friday November 18 midnight show, AND one pair of tickets to the Saturday November 19 midnight show! That's TWO WINNERS for this particular contest, and all you have to do is drop me an email here with "I WANT THOSE HUMP TIX!" in the subject line, and provide a short erotic reason why you should win! (The last winner offered up "pictures" [and by "pictures" I mean "PICTURES"].) Contest ends this coming Monday at noon!

Get all the HUMP! info and tickets you need here! And don't miss the sexiest, funnest, most "doing it" film fest of the year!