Other papers in town (cough... the Oregonian... cough) seem to be making quite the splash these days with posts built around reader polls and/or comments plucked from previous stories. And now we want to play, too!

So here's a question: Have you paid the arts tax yet? It's due next Tuesday, April 15.

I have not paid it. I know this because the city just emailed me telling me I had not paid it. And then it occurred to me that maybe several of you also hadn't paid your $35 yet.

(Which is something you really should do. For one thing, the city might someday in several years come and send a collections agency after you and other scofflaws who keep laughing at a tax approved by 62 percent of voters in 2012. For another, skimpy collections last year left a bunch of arts organizations, planning expansions of programs for low-income kids, in the lurch. Oh, and also? There's no more fee if you use a debit card.)