Seriously,how the fuck can you people even call it a Comic -Con..there are no comics.Maybe Famous comic book writers and artists,but thats about it.The rest of all your bullshit that you are parading around is old washed up actors and celebrities.."cough" fuck you Stan Lee "cough".Fuckin Hugh Hefner of comic books.Do i really give two shits about who played the Green Ranger?Really Shatner,seriously like you fuckin' matter anymore to make me pay close to fifty bucks to see your sad ass do another fuckin' commercial.Gold Rush ,what the fuck is this bullshit?These people are not celebrities.Just crusty old white dudes..why the fuck would i pay to see this wrinkly circus of bullshit?Pay $ to stand in line to pay more money to stand in line and get snubbed over a photograph.fuck this.