In 2007, Portland couple Adriane Ackerman and Tiago Denczuk got hitched on top of Mt. Tabor. But instead of a car trailing soda cans, the pair left the ceremony in a chariot attached to a tall bike, with the rest of the equally colorful party pedaling behind them.

"We met at Pedalpalooza—our relationship has been centered around bikes," says Ackerman. "It seemed like a no-brainer to carry the theme along to our wedding."

The wedding was, by all accounts, extremely low cost and hilarious. The wedding party—a mixture of friends, Ackerman's Mormon relatives, and strangers who showed up to the "wedding ride" posted online—were required to bring their bikes or borrow one of the many that Ackerman brought to the ceremony. Ackerman wore a shiny green cocktail dress and Denczuk wore a futuristic all-white jumpsuit for the occasion. Well-known local clown Caffeine Jones officiated the ceremony before the whole crowd headed off on a boisterous bike procession around town.

"It was a great way to show that you can do everyday and extraordinary things by bike," says the bride.