Broderick Gallery
814 SW 1st Ave, 224-4020

Large, ceramic works by Stephen Freedman, still lifes in oil by Thomas Yersa, and oil paintings by Terry Monatgue Sauriol. Through Sept 1

Butters Gallery
520 NW Davis St, 248-9378

Coincidentia Oppositorum, new artist books as well as related works by Douglas Shafer. Through Sept 1

* Camerawork Gallery
Peterson Hall: 2255 NW Northrup, 245-1784

"Deviant" photographic exhibition by the members of P.A.U.G. (Polaroid Art Users Group). Through Sept 27

Fleck Gallery
625 NW Everett # 102, 223-2066

Urban Twilight, mixed media sculptures by Mike Suri. Through Aug 31

* Froelick Gallery
817 SW 2nd Ave, 222-1142

In Gravity, T. Wingert presents sparse and moody prints that incorporate engraving into acrylic monoprints.

Kevin Kadar displays 35 figurative paintings on paper. Through Sept 1

Gallery 33
1400 NW Everett St, 219-9900

Local photographer LeeAnn Gauthier presents a series of images that capture the "textures and facades" of Europe. Through Oct 2

* Gallery BINK
1416 E Burnside, 233-8866

Original art from Portland-based independent comic artists Shannon Wheeler, Steve Lieber, Aaron Renier, Max Estes, and Kalah Allen. Through Oct 4

Gallery Schmallery
2132 SE Division, 239-3735

Photographic paintings by Shawn Long that incorporate the gum bichromate process, a style of photo-printmaking. Through Sept 4

Gallery Untitled
723 NW 18th, 222-1822

Behind My Eyes, a light-box installation by Alexis Zielke. Through Sept 4

Gavin Shettler Gallery
625 NW Everett #106, 481-7450

Sweet and Resistance, oil paintings by Ellen Russell that showcase--among other things--the bright colors of Northern California. Through Aug 31

Gottlieb Gallery
55 SW Taylor, 241-1070

Impressions from the Garden, six area artists offer their own articulation of objects harvested from the garden. Through Sept 1

Groundswell Cafe

Pencil Play
, a display of new graphite drawings by Tom Yody, which explore the convergence of the mechanical and the organic. Opens Aug 30

Guardino Gallery
2939 NE Alberta, 281-9048

Antiquated Instruments for a Modern Universe, mixed media work by Sumi Wu that "considers the possibility of directly experiencing black holes and the Big Bang." Opens Aug 30

Jules Gallery
1110 NW Flanders St, Suite 100, 775-1923

Fashion and Flora, a selection of black and white photographs by Bill Gollihur. Through Aug 31

* Laura Russo Gallery
805 NW 21st Ave, 226-2754

Realist figures are set in surrealistic settings in Sean Cain's recent series of paintings. Michele Russo unveils a collection of work that represents his long painting career.

Littman and White Galleries Portland State University
Smith Center 1825 SW Broadway, 2nd Floor, 725-5656

The Littman gallery presents work by two, recent PSU graduates. Raven Llyod explores personal issues through a variety of media, and Katie Humphries presents a series of oil paintings that focus on fabric and clothing. The White Gallery displays black and white photography by Tamara Lischka, which details the human hand. Through Aug 31

Margo Jacobsen
1039 NW Glisan St, 224-7287

New glass sculptures by Japanese artist Hiroshi Yamano, as well as recent paintings by new gallery artist Kelly Kievit. Through Sept 1

Multnomah Arts Center
7688 SW Capitol Hwy, 823-3187

Multnomah Historical Association presents Multnomah Then and Now, photographs, drawings, and paintings of early Multnomah Village and surrounding areas. Through Sept 5

Onda Gallery
2215 NE Alberta St, 493-1909

Tapestry 2001: A Weaving Odyssey, an exhibition of the Northwest's finest tapestry artists. Opens Aug 30

Oregon College of Art and Craft
8245 SW Barnes Rd, 297-5544

2001 Craft Biennial: A Review of Northwest Art & Craft, an exhibit at the Hoffman gallery which features handmade craft objects from Oregon and Washington artists. Through Sept 9

604 NW 12th Ave, 222-0063

Molly Vidor presents new, floral, still-life paintings. Through Sept 1

Pulliam Deffenbaugh
522 NW 12th Ave, 228-6665

Deborah Mersky presents new work on paper, glass, and metal that favors delicate imagery such as seed pods, leaves, and birds. The Broadway gallery displays playful, acrylic paintings on paper by Max Grover. Through Sept 1

625 NW Everett #110, 274-1897

Integration of Life and Psyche, oil paintings by Eve Sparrow Fox. Through Aug 31

Studio 2507
2507 SE Clinton, 957-6800

A-Z, An Alphabet of Images, a series of collages on index cards and related, mixed media paintings by Sarah Landwehr. Through Sept 28

Stumptown Coffee
2828 SE Division St, 230-7797

Christopher Buckingham presents mixed media work inspired from a boyhood cycling accident, which resulted in multiple bone fractures. Through Aug 31

1476 NE Alberta, 284-8800

A group exhibit that features work from 15 gallery members, including black and white photography from Dan Bronson, and watercolor mandalas by Raina Imig. Opens Aug 30