Cynthia Connolly
Reading Frenzy, 274-1449
Opens Aug 3

In DC photographer Cynthia Connolly's latest work, full and half framed photos showcase a love of the road trip and the snippets of landscape, sky, and man-made objects encountered by the traveler. With many of the photos displayed as panoramas divided into multiple frames, the sweeping spaces are broken into pieces that draw the viewer into the whole.

The lonely highway signs beckon the viewer to enter the landscape, and follow the broken yellow line to the horizon. Everything within the frames speaks of the transitory. "I love wide open spaces," Connolly says. "and I take photos of stuff that someday I'll think to myself, 'wow, I'm so glad I took a photo of the alley, that building, that highway, that dirt road, that sign, that logging truck... etc.' because I think that someday it won't be that way."

Connolly manages to evoke both the excitement and the monotony of the long distance drive, whether it's the crowded adventure of the touring van, or the solitary journey of a drive away car. Within those experiences of freedom, however, is always the threat of their end. "I think space in this world is a luxury," she says "and will become more and more rare as time goes I have the desire to take photos of it, and remember what space is."