For a span of a few years, between 2009-2015, there was an odd little installation event that popped up annually at the Ace Hotel in Portland's downtown. The single-day exhibition, called Content, played with fashion, design, and art in a constrained but also immersive space: a hotel room. Artists transformed the boutique hotel's chic, modest rooms into other worlds, scenes of horror, or just cozy-ass showcases for their work.

The event's founder, fashion designer Gretchen Jones, won the eighth season of Project Runway in 2015, which was also the last year Content was held. However, we're having quite a week for 20-teen Portland nostalgia, and Content is sneakily, suddenly back, popping into Society Hotel in Old Town Chinatown tomorrow Saturday March 9.

A room at the 2013 Content - Photo by justin kent
A room at the 2013 Content - Photo by justin kent

In 2015, fashion writer and then-Mercury managing editor Marjorie Skinner described Content as:

"an installation-based showcase for Portland's design professionals to translate their inspirations and identity in a format that was expressly focused on artistic expression, without the fundamental commercial aspect of, say, a trade show or even a runway event."

The new Content wants to run with the same intentions, but of course Portland's arts scene has changed. Within the rooms of Content 2024 you'll find cross-platform pleasure purveyor Elouise Elliott, aerial poet Nami Hall, cannabis-focused designer Savina Monet, and Danielle Delceppo, a multidisciplinary creative communicator and intuitive who launched a tarot deck titled Perfume for the Eyes in 2023.

A collective we've profiled before Making Earth Cool will be taking on a room; you may remember their collaborative climate crisis-focused installations where they often try include gallery visitors in the artistic practice with fun projects. You'll also find i. max. miller, who was one of the first artists to hold a residency at the conceptual and heartfelt ILY2 Too Gallery in the Lloyd Center Mall. Friends of Noise is working with singer-songwriter Rain Ezra on a room, and textile brand Madre Linen will bunk together with muralist and printmaker Camille Shu

While the event "isn’t (necessarily) about commerce," we're told there will be a gift shop. Instructions from the organizers are as follows: "Patrons will travel from room to room, each with its own unique feel.  Eventually the patrons end up in the lobby bar to party and discuss their favorite rooms." And visit the gift shop.

Here's the complete list of artists at Content 2024:

Dandy Gal
Arbor House
Brady Lange
Madre Linen + Camille Shu
Carolina Dulanto
Chris Lael Larson
Danielle Delceppo, Perfume for the Eyes Tarot
Elouise Elliott
Father Fannie
Francesca Lohmann
Gili Rappaport
Holly Stalder
Hyun Jung Jung
i. max. miller
Nishimoto Is The Mouth
Kate Towers
Kristen Diederich
Martie Kilmer: Space Design
Mary Luczycki
Megan Sinclair
Melissa Monroe
Michelle Freedman
Nami Hall
Rachael Modrcin
Sam Kalafat
Savina Monet

Content takes place at the Society Hotel, 203 NW 3rd, Sat March 9, during two time slots 12–4 pm and 6–11 pm, $20-$25 in advance,  $30 at the door, tickets here, all ages