TO MEGAN ["Best of West Linn," Letters, July 29]—I've only been in the area a very short time, and therefore did not recognize many of the names, locations, and landmarks mentioned in "The Best of Oregon City" feature [July 22]. But one thing I do recognize when I see it is a fucking joke. Geez, Mercury, thanks for giving me the heads up on the humorless doofuses of West Linn—or should I say, West LAME (zing!)!!! 

 -Katie C


TO THE EDITOR—I was disappointed that Alison Hallett's review of Dinner for Schmucks didn't include even a passing mention of its progenitor, the lovely French film Le Diner des Cons, otherwise known as The Dinner for Idiots or The Dinner Game ["Schmuck Hunting," Film, July 29]. And who is this Steve Carell character anyway, that he keeps reprising in lackluster fashion funnier and more honest European roles?



I support this Anonymous ["Pogo Stick in the Mud," I, Anonymous, July 29]. So much of the "keeping weird of Portland" seems incredibly forced to me. People are trying SOOOO hard. The pogo stick guy is getting noticed and commented upon BECAUSE THAT'S PRECISELY WHAT HE WANTS. Do you really think that he's pogo-sticking down the street with the expectation that he'll go unnoticed? "Oh what, this thing? It was just lying around the house. I didn't think any one would notice if I rode it shirtless down the street." Let's all stop encouraging these people to think they're interesting. The bar for "interesting" is set very, very low in Portland. "Look, I'm wearing shutter shades!"

-posted by Blabby


HEY ANDREW R TONRY—On behalf of the staff of Suki's, and the comics who faithfully attend its open mic, I'd like to extend a hearty "eat shit" to you (and your editor) for deciding to open your feature on Helium Comedy Club with "Suki's is a dump." ["A Place to Laugh," Feature, July 29] I'm so glad we buy ad space from your fine publication! How pertinent! For the record, we're a hotel bar with loyal customers, cheap drinks, and good food. Attending a free open-mic comedy show and complaining about the ambience is petty, even for a wanker such as yourself. If you think the people at our video poker machines and pool table are annoying, try dealing with third-rate pseudo-journalists who serve themselves over the interests of their subjects. The real "dump" is what you took all over your keyboard before you gleefully sent it off to print. I expect a check in the mail for lost revenue.

-Shawn Fleek, Kitchen Manager at Suki's, Stand-Up Comic, Huge Fan of your Bird Cage Liners


Hi, I'm Dax Jordan. When I'm not on the road performing standup, I run the show at Suki's ["A Place to Laugh," Feature, July 29]. Thanks for highlighting a fun open mic that people seem to either love or hate. That's how I like it. Better that than apathy. Just to clarify, we average 30-35 comics per night, about double your estimate. That's why the Helium mic will help us out. Theirs will start at 8 pm and only allow for 20 spots, allowing the earlier comics to head over to Suki's for another set. The mic at Helium will be more "showcase," as I can assure you, no one wants to bomb at the hot club. The true birthplace of new material will still be the bars—Boiler, Tabor, Suki's. Thanks for the great story!

-posted by daxjordan

LOOK AT THE FANTASTIC attitude on Dax! Well played, sir. Dax wins this week's letter of the week, which means he gets two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater and lunch at No Fish! Go Fish!, where everyone's a comedian.