RE: "Let's Catch the Portland Cat Stabber" [Blogtown, June 29], a call to spread word of the apparent stabbing of two domestic cats in the Woodlawn neighborhood, in hopes of apprehending the assailant.

The stabbing of two cats in the same household seems like a vengeful targeted act, which was maybe about some person in that household, rather than a random act of cat violence.

posted by Chris Becker

Cats are not native to our environment, they are very destructive to local wildlife, and they tend to live much shorter lives if let outdoors. Please keep them inside.

posted by Athonwy Doherty

I will absolutely not keep my cats inside unless there is a clear and immediate threat. I try to bring the cats in at night to keep them safe from the coyotes, but if I can't get the cat to come in, then I don't have him inside at night. I'm not going to be selfish and say that my cat's happiness is less important than my "possession" of him.

posted by Mytulpa


RE: "How to Keep Your Insufferably Hot House Cool" [Blogtown, June 26], a list of tips to help those without air conditioning at home beat the unseasonably hot weather.

Best way to cool down: Hold a cold drink/ice pack against the inside of your wrist or elbow. That's where the veins are nearest the surface. So it cools down your blood, and hence your whole insides, quicker than drinking it.

posted by Stu

Go down to your basement. That's where all the cool in your house goes to hide from you.

posted by eprophet

I'll use a spray bottle with rose/lavender water, or just plain water, and spray down my flat sheet, then point a fan on it, and get under said sheet to sleep. Sometimes it even makes me TOO cold in this heat!

posted by Dana von Hermann


RE: "Searching for Gang Signs" [News, June 24], questioning the accuracy of gang attack numbers in Portland.

Thank you Merc news for saying what no Portland media, gets. Portland media reports a shot or shots fired as a shooting. In my vocabulary, "shooting" means a person hit by a bullet intentionally aimed at them. For many events, all regrettable, the truthful language would be one/multiple people reported they heard a shot/saw people shooting. The police bureau, ever aware of budget reductions, makes every report of a shot a “shooting” press release opportunity. Dispatching the gang unit to every report as a justification for its continued funding, rather than measuring its effectiveness, is backward. Let's stop using "shooting" as an alarm bell.

posted by R

I think they attach the tag "gang" to certain incidents to make some residents feel more comfortably buffered from a certain element of society. "Just go about your regular daily routine of work, shopping, etc. Those shots outside are just two gangstas settling a beef; it's not a lone wolf criminal who could cross your path ever."

posted by kimchi


RE: The Mercury's wildly popular Burger Week, in which your favorite restaurants serve up $5 specialty burgers—for one week only!

DEAR MERCURYScrew you for coming up with Burger Week. For a third year, I will be forced to cook subpar burgers to celebrate your circle jerk of an idea. I may end up quitting my job of five years, just because I hate Burger Week that much. We already sell tons of hamburgers a night so I don't see the point. You have poisoned their minds, so now the owners are convinced it's great, regardless of the soul-crushing effects it has on their crew. I was just writing to say screw you and fuck Burger Week.

Someone who actually has to cook on shit week

OH DEAR, SWAHTCOSW, we're sorry to hear that! Everyone else seems to love Burger Week (August 10-16), but you do bring up an important point: Those who partake in Burger Week's juicy riches should not be complete cheapos: Order something else! Tip extra for the people sweating in those kitchens for you! Burger Week means busy!