The Onion is kicking up a huge stink about the fact that they really, really, really want to be awarded a Pulitzer Prize (for anything), organizing a campaign called Americans for Fairness in Awarding Journalism Prizes. They're encouraging people to upload video testimonials stumping against the Pulitzer board's "bigotry," there's an online petition, and a form letter they're urging people to send to the board. They've got videos from the president of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili, Tom Hanks, Arianna Huffington, and Mario Batali, plus ongoing blog posts arguing their point: "The San Jose Mercury News won a Pulitzer for its detailed coverage of the 1989 Bay Area earthquake and its aftermath. When an earthquake happens, do you ever hear anyone say, 'The article about that earthquake was good, but it wasn’t 1989 San Jose Mercury News good'? Of course not. Un-de-served." Here's the PSA:

I so hope this works.