Portland's own Earl Blumenauer is adding his voice to the growing congressional furor over the phone-hacking shenanigans of News Corp., parent company of Fox News and the Wall Street Journal.

Hours after various news outlets reported the FBI is looking into only a subset of those allegations—that so-called journalists from Britain's News of the World, another News Corp. paper, tried to hack the phones of September 11 victims—Blumenauer sent a letter (PDF) to the FBI demanding the agency go one step further and start probing all the rest of the charges unfolding across the pond.

He invokes a 1977 law that forbids companies that trade on American stock markets from engaging in bribery and other malfeasance abroad. An excerpt:

Attempted corruption of British police by employees of a News Corporation subsidiary may be in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977, which specifically prohibits bribery of foreign officials.... The pace at which this wide-ranging scandal is unfolding suggests that we may have only scratched the surface of potential illegal practices at the company.

The Wall Street Journal, interestingly, cites sources who say US authorities aren't interested in a broader probe, preferring to let the British handle that.