PORTLAND IS LUCKY to be jam-packed with a bustling, vibrant LGBTQ community, filled with people who give a crap about ensuring that equal rights don't just exist for some. Last year the Mercury celebrated Oregon's rebuke of the same-sex marriage ban, and we continue to feel confident the US Supreme Court will make a similar decision in the months to come. That's why we're temporarily shifting our focus away from marriage equality to equality of a different sort—the rights of LGBTQ outsiders. Those who still struggle valiantly within the community, but don't always receive the spotlight they deserve.

So in the 2015 edition of the Mercury's Pride Issue, you'll be hearing from some very different voices than we've featured in the past. For example, check out our "Junior/Senior Photo Essay" about the stories and dreams of young people who are just discovering themselves, and those who have struggled mightily their entire lives—because we can learn from both. Plus, trans visibility may be higher than ever... and attending this year's Trans Pride March is a great way to help that along! And for those who still think bisexuals are the wishy-washy hangers-on of the LGBTQ community, we have some stats that may change your mind. Christian supporters of LGBTQ equality? They're out there —so let's meet one of 'em! And ever wonder why you don't see many gay male stand-ups in a city full of comic talent? Turns out there's a pretty good reason.

And as always, don't miss our smarty-pants picks for Pride weekend, with more fun event info than you can possibly handle!

Make no mistake, Pride is a time to celebrate our accomplishments—but it's also the perfect opportunity to put aside our differences, and to make sure, even as we stride forward to equality, that no one is getting left behind.

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