THEY DID IT. Alex Grimm/Getty Images

The USWNT smashed the Netherlands 2-0 in the 2019 Woman’s World Cup Final! FIREWORKS AND CAR BOMBS! THEY FREAKING DID IT!

This was no easy win for the US. The Netherlands fought hard to beat some great teams along the World Cup way to make it to the final. The Dutch had to play Italy in the quarterfinals and Sweden in the semis to get here. Prior to the World Cup, the Netherlands won a li'l tournament called the Euro Cup Championship. EVER HEARD OF IT? Anyway, these women were in no way the underdog—they are damn good and boy, did they give the US a run for their World Cup money this morning.

We were thrilled to see that US megastar and scorer Megan Rapinoe on the roster and ready for action after sitting the semifinal match out with a hamstring injury. US midfielder Rose Lavelle had left the last match with a hamstring injury but was back starting at the final match. All of America’s greatest hits are on the field and ready to rock!


The first half offered many chances and close calls for both teams, but no actual goals. In previous matches the US started their scoring in the first 14 or so minutes. But the game held scoreless in the first 45 minutes.

US midfielder Julie Ertz nearly hammered one in the 28th minute off a volley from a corner kick. This was the first time I nearly dumped my breakfast shake (martini, dry, dirty, three olives) onto my lap. And the first look that I really gave the Dutch goalkeeper Sari Van Veendendaal was a good look. SHE’S A TITAN in that box!

Ten or so minutes later the Americans were on the attack again trying to find a way to get the ball into the net for a score. Forward Alex Morgan gave it a great shot that was blocked and Ertz again had a crack. But Van Veendendaal was there again with her massive hands and tremendous height.

Shots and opportunities were not landing for the US and thank goodness, neither the Dutch. Both teams were playing more and more physical. Both teams were thirsty for a goal and neither seemed ready to give one up. Close to the end of the first half US defender Becky Sauerbrunn went up to head the ball and HARD CONKED a Netherland player. Sauerbrunn had a nasty cut to the brow and had to be taken off the field to be bandaged. It was a dramatic way to end the first half and a terrific time to make my second breakfast shake.

The second half picked up in similar fashion—tuff, tumbly, and full of GOAL THIRST!


In the 58th minute, Alex Morgan received a crossed ball while in the box. When she turned to put her foot on the ball, the defender challenged her with a high kick and knocked Morgan to the ground. After a Video Assisted Referee review, it was deemed a foul and Megan Rapinoe was all set for another penalty kick. She worked her magic and we lost our minds on the sectional couch!! USA 1-NETHERLANDS 0!

At this point many of us thought, “All the US needs to do is sit back, stack the defense and ride this clock out to 90.”
And some of us thought, “How can I incorporate more protein into my morning martini shakes?”
But USWNT midfielder Rose Lavelle was thinking, “What’s a good way to put a final stamp on my outstanding performance this tournament?”

In the 68th minute, Li'l Miss Lavelle did just that. She dribbled and dribbled what seemed like this whole tournament and finally, landed an absolutely beautiful goal. 2-0 USA!

When the final whistle blew, the team and crowd went ballistic with relief, happiness, and, I assume, absolute exhaustion. Megan Rapino was presented the Golden Boot, for the most goals scored in the tournament (six) and Alex Morgan was presented with the silver boot (also six goals but Rapino played fewer minutes and won that tiebreaker)

Rapino was also presented with the Golden Ball award for the best player in the tournament.

I too am exhausted and totally soccer satisfied. Perhaps I'll put on some pants and see what else this wondrous day has in store for me.

What a match.
What a tournament.
What a game.