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City Council Hears Public Feedback on Proposal to Criminalize Unsheltered Homelessness

The seven hours of testimony, provided by more than 200 Portlanders, painted a clear picture of who stands to benefit from the plan—and who could be harmed by the ordinance as proposed.

Alex Zielinski

City Council Set to Approve $47,500 to Settle Police Abuse Case

The city's bill for allowing its officers to abuse of members of the public during 2020 demonstrations continues to grow.

Mathieu Lewis-Rolland


OooOOOooo! 👻 (That's "ghost talk" for "It's time for the HALLOWEEN edition of POP QUIZ PDX!") This week's super fun trivia quiz includes deadly Portland amusement parks, blood-sucking political candidates, and your fave dreamboat homicidal maniacs! 😍

Rene Gonzalez campaign (with an assist from the Mercury)

Mercury Endorsements: Say "HELL YES" to Charter Reform!

If you're sick of the way wealthy business interests are constantly influencing our city government, there's a solution for that: Vote "HELL YES" on Charter Reform.


Ready to get messy? Dig through this week's most delicious trash with THE TRASH REPORT. Including: The Taylor Swift/Liz Truss connection, mysterious celeb salad dressings, and Steve Bannon fucks around = finds out. 🦝


Oregon is Poised to Pass the Strongest Gun Law in the US With Measure 114

Not all progressive supporters of gun control on Oregon are sold on the gun control proposal headed to the ballot.



In this week's music column, Jenni Moore recommends getting cozy with two shows at the Doug Fir, and a new single from House of Ada's Janae.


The Future of YACHT Rock

If you've been obsessed with AI generated art, did you know that electro-pop pioneers YACHT made a whole album that way? They then had to reverse engineer the music to play it live.

Courtesy of the artist

•  Oregon Judge Clears Rene Gonzalez of Historic Elections Fine

An Oregon judge overturned an election violation fine against city council candidate Rene Gonzalez’s campaign Thursday, ruling that $250 per month for downtown office space is fair market rate value.

Rene Gonzalez Campaign

Margo Cilker Sings the Sorrows of Oregon Real Estate

If you caught any of Margo Cilker's four (!) sets at Pickathon over the summer, you'll want to note her recently announced show at Mississippi Studios.

Mathieu Lewis-Rolland


It's another "Quickies" edition of SAVAGE LOVE, featuring lickety-split Q&As about threesomes, ethical cheating, and more!

Joe Newton

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