Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Calling all political junkies! Put down your New York Times, and turn off MSNBC, because one of the most important current figures in national politics is coming to the Bridgeport Stars Cabaret strip club: STORMY DANIELS.

As you know, sex positive business woman Daniels has made quite a name for herself after suing President Trump for defamation following their alleged (read: probable) affair. Her case also made Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen a household name, after authorities raided his office, allegedly discovering payoffs to other women as well as a potential pay-for-play scheme with ties to a Russian oligarch.

And while the Russian oligarch won't be in attendance at Stars, Stormy will—and though she's been performing solo across the country, this time she'll reportedly be joined by a famous special guest: the Seattle work of art/statue called "The Emperor Has No Balls." (which you can SEE for yourself here. WARNING: You cannot unsee this.)

According to a press release from the "Emperor Has No Balls" artist, Stormy will perform alongside the nude statue of Trump, reenacting their alleged spanking scene. WHAT A COUNTRY, HUH?

Anyway, this performance should be of great interest to anyone who closely follows national politics or adult entertainment—unless of course you're squicked out by last year's news regarding the Beaverton branch of Stars Cabaret which was forced to pay a $1.25 million settlement to the victim of teenage sex trafficking. That could put a damper on the evening.

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