Andrew Bray

Andie Main never explains the name for her debut comedy album, Magpie, during the record’s 45-ish-minute stand-up set. But over email she says the album’s cover should clue people in. It shows her two tattoos, one on each forearm. “One is of a magpie taking off, which I got when I knew I had to leave town. The other is of a magpie landing, which I got on the same day I recorded the album.”

A native to Portland but recent transplant to Denver, Main recorded the album at Kickstand Comedy this past fall, and the Pacific Northwest figures heavily into its subject matter. Topics like the Uncle Sam billboard outside of Chehalis, Washington, Gresham comedy sets gone horribly wrong, Portland protests, unimaginative catcallers, and her personal passion for animal attacks—which Main recently turned into a hilarious podcast called People Enjoying Terrible Accidents (PETA)—dot the landscape. When Main left, she expressed a desire to move from good to great in her comedy, and Magpie certainly suggests a wealth of new material, accumulated over a short period. (That, and Main has perfected holding the mic away from her during her gut-busting punchline shouts.) My one criticism is that I’ve never heard Werner Herzog raise his voice, far from it, so I must criticize that aspect of the album’s impression—but I love the joke associated with it. Main knew what she was inviting when she sent her album to this Herzog-loving publication.