Pimm’s cups are your new best friend.

In case it hasn’t been all over your Social Medias, it’s Wimbledon time. Okay, I’ll admit, I give zero fucks about tennis, except for the hilarious temper tantrums of John McEnroe and that power-duo Venus and Serena Williams. But there’s something a bit regal about day-drinking British hooch in front of the TV when it’s hotter than balls outside, right? RIGHT?

If you are wont to agree, then Pimm’s cup is the drink for you. It is the official drink of Wimbledon, after all, and goes beautifully with the season’s best produce. And since it was created in the 1840s to go with oysters, it’s almost like it was made just for Portland.

Pimm’s is one of a whole family of British liquors called fruit cups or summer cups; it’s gin-based, but it’s lower in alcohol and flavored with a lovely array of herbs and caramelised orange (you see how I used the British spelling there? Because I’m so fancy.)

The most common way to drink it is with sparkling lemonade or 7-Up, garnished with strawberries, some mint leaves and a little cucumber slice, but the cocktail is really versatile. I like to drink it with sharp ginger beer, and sometimes I’ll add a spear of cantaloupe to the cucumber, or sprinkle in some thyme sprigs and borage flowers. Tuck in a slice of lemon or grapefruit, if you like, muddle in your favorite seasonal berries.

If you can’t be arsed, head over to Bollywood Theater or Reverend’s BBQ, and they’ll hook you up. At La Merde (Montage’s bar next door), you can get a reasonable facsimile with their Slim Reaper cocktail.

Pinkies up, motherfuckers!